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A year's worth of updates

I've badly neglected my LJ account - I was shocked to see it's been nearly a year since my last post.

Thrillerfest 2009 was a great conference, and in only a month I'll be attending Thrillerfest 2010, also in NYC. In 2009 I pitched my novel The Last Tomorrow to 18 agents, 12 of whom requested partials, and seven of those rejected, five no response yet. I'll be pitching it again this year, in addition to my new one, Ripped.

I also neglected to post my Dragon*Con 2009 trip report. It, too, was a great conference, and I'll try to post a timely trip report this September for 2010.

In general, most of my energies have been devoted to working on Ripped, at the expense of other activities including conferences and workshops. I am excited by the story, which is complex enough for a number of novels, as it explores future technologies, personal challenges, life after death, greed, prejudice, and the approaching technological singularity, not to mention the meaning of being human. I've worked hard to write it using the principles described by Donald Maass in his book Writing the Breakout Novel.

My novelette APOPHIS 2029 received an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future contest. 

In May, I delivered a presentation at the 2010 International Space Development Conference entitled Considerations for Asteroid Capture into Earth Orbit which was inspired by that story. The presentation was well received, and I've posted it on my other blog, http://RamblingsOnTheFutureOfHumanity.blogspot.com.